Thursday, August 25, 2005


Hi and welcome to our first post,
here's what we're all about:
Womens water sports apparel from Wet Women®!
Wet Women® sells women's apparel and products for women in water sports. Sporty, comfortable, sassy, well made surf and beach wear and casual attire developed for women. Attire and goods that support the concept of women achieving their level of fulfillment on the water. For women who love the outdoors and love water sports.
Wet Women® water wear and products are for courageous women, who love to express themselves with a passion and aptitude on the water. Wet Women® sells surf wear , beach wear and casual clothes, beach accessories and more. Wet Women® sells products with a bold new focus for supporting women on the water. It's about courage, inspiration, and aptitude on the water. Whether your water sport is, swimming, diving, paddling, fly fishing or surfing, Wet Women® has the water apparel and goods for you. WET WOMEN®: bringing attention to the real skills of women in the water world. Wet Women®: expressing the joy and fulfillment of women on the water; and advocating, motivating, promoting, and inspiring active women in the water world.
The Wet Women® website is also the ultimate resource for women in all water sports: News, events, interviews, articles, stories, contests, clothes and products for surfing, windsurfing, swimming, sailing, diving, kayaking, paddling and all water activities. Wet Women® is an international community of women which participates in and supports women in water sports.